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Document Camera Application

Date:2015-03-27   Views:743次

Document cameras in education

Today, document cameras are seen in most classrooms.

All students have a better view of the information that the presenter is sharing with the class. Its use brings an end to the days of children pushing and shoving to gain a better view of a teacher-demonstrated science experiment. Furthermore, a document camera is a great classroom management tool. For example, the teacher can use the document camera to display a kitchen timer while the class is working in groups or independently. A picture schedule can also be displayed to help English Language Learners understand directions. By allowing all students to view an item simultaneously, document cameras also have the ability to streamline show-and-tell. The presenter does not have to walk slowly around the room to show everyone his or her treasure.

Document cameras are compatible with scanners, projectors, computers and many other technologies.

Activities or uses for the classroom

Document cameras are user-friendly. Many of the uses listed can be utilized and adapted for any grade level:

  • Demonstration. Show students how to do assigned work.
  • Showing math examples, manipulatives in color and three dimensions, and whole group math games.
  • Immediate feedback for displaying student work
  • Freeze-frame the camera for various teaching purposes. Worksheets can be frozen, work out answers on sheet, unfreeze, and show final answers.
  • Close up detailed observation of objects
  • Zoom in on reading text and read whole class-helps when pointing out certain topics words and students can follow along.
  • Use lined paper to project onto white board. Students can write on lines for handwriting examples
  • Music lines on white board demonstrating musical notes—students can come up and place notes on board.
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